Quitches Be Crazy 3

I have been reading about stash shame in relation to crafty women and how this can be seen as a feminist issue - why do women have to justify the supplies which are needed for their hobbies when the myth of the 'shed' or 'man cave' is seen as a valid requirement to ensure that men retain their masculinity and independence within a co-habiting situation....but that is a post for another day. Well nbnqnbnq and I have been inspired to tackle this issue by having a stash themed week.

Q1) Photo Stash shame is a feminist issue, let's tackle it with a stash shot (one or more discipline).      
Here is a cheeky shot of my recently reorganised fabric stash. You will see there is an awful lot of white, so much so that I had to divide it into different fabrics and shades. There are other stashes around the studio but this is the one that get used the most!

Q2) Text Do you read one book at a time or have a stash on the go? What's in the to read file? 

I am clearly a book tart usually having several on the go at once, something which has not been lessened by the introduction of a kindle into my life. I love reading but my tastes lean to the escapist and easy to read so I tear through books at an alarming rate. This is a combination of my in progress and to read books at the moment which are shelved only because my mother-in-law came to stay this weekend and the teetering stack by my bed seemed far too messy!

I'm currently reading Submarine by Joe Dunthorne, I really loved the film and the book it is based on is even better. I'm thinking of adding his second book 'Wild Abandon' to my pile as well. I also have Patti Smith's Just Kids which is the story of her and Robert Maplethorpe, my Dad bought this for me after I raved about seeing her perform at End of The Road this summer and it is great. I found myself saying to BS that it made me want to drop out of the rat race and live my life for art - to which he pointed out that I had pretty much done that already by chucking in my grown up job and coming back to art school! I have just finished rereading Coraline by Neil Gaiman but can't bear to put it away properly, I love the illustrations and  I am a complete sucker for books with coloured page edges. This edition has black edged page and it is this tiny detail which makes my heart sigh with glee. If I ever manage to find a way to paint the edges of my notebooks without sticking all the pages together you can expect a whole rainbow to reside in my bag. 

I will admit to having rearranged this shelf and accompanying stack before taking this picture to hide away the more trashy books in the pile which included 'The Cheerleader' a point horror book I owned as a young teen which I recently discovered in a charity shop, a couple of Nancy Friday books, and more teen fiction than a 30 year old woman should really admit to. 

Q3) Linky What can you show me to fill me with what they used to call 'girl power'? 

For my daily dose of Girl Power I head to The Vagenda. I like their writing style and whilst I don't always agree with the authors they do provide me with links to so many different issues and ideas it is a refreshing counterpoint to the DIY lifestyle blogs which litter my blog reader.

I am also a fan of this quote by Joss Whedon which made its way round tumblr a while back. It gives me a bit of that 'Girl power' flare.


Currently I am finishing up a quilt I have nicknamed 'My Mother, My Self' for which a proper post will be written once it is done.

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Katherine said...

I really recommend Wild Abandon! I have big love for John Dunthorne. I read it over the summer and thought it was just as brilliant as Submarine.


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