Quitches Be Crazy 4

Q1) Photo - What was the favourite architectural detail or thing you saw on a building during your holiday then?   

I love this art deco building. The contrast of curves and repeating window shapes, it is almost a shame that it is a model from the miniature village we went to!

Q2) Text What did you see on your holidays and think of me?

There was a very ill advised game of Thomas Cook Monopoly which took several hours and ended in our buzz being firmly killed. Of course what we needed was a much more dramatic end to the evening, maybe with playing pieces being swallowed. 

We also saw some owls and even got to hold them, I took some 3D pics but I am not sure if they will be as good as my nbnqnbnq & JC shots.

ps I am blogging from a mac and it has been a very complicated and stressful attempt so apologies for the tiny post this week.


b.straggler said...

nice owl picture!

nearlybutnotquite said...

Aww! I was about to say I haven't made anybody swallow any board game pieces for YEARS but it occurred to me that perhaps that's because nobody wants to play with me anymore. Then again maybe it's because we don't drink DV&B nowadays! Also in my defense the magnets were very small. nbnq x


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