Quitches Be Crazy 5

How did it get to week 5 already? I have really enjoyed writing these posts, but as autumn has approached and the nights are getting longer my days are filling up with the final year of my course and nbnq is settling into her new job we have decided to switch from weekly to monthly. If you want to join in and this monthly approach suits you better, check out the quitch-along instructions here.

To celebrate my favourite of all seasons this week we have gone autumnal:

Q1) Text - Autumn is firmly here. What do you do to get into the spirit of the season? 

There are a few things that I do that I love so much I try and keep them just for autumn to keep their specialness and kick the season off to a good start. Like all people who work in or around university admin I never grew out of the academic year. For me 1st January is just the end of the Christmas holidays and not the start of the new year, but come October I feel a desperate need to buy new pens and notebooks and make plans for the year ahead. Since going back to uni this hasn't changed but this year is accompanied with a sense of dread and endings as this is my final year. Every month is going to contain my last something, so I am throwing myself headlong into my other autumn traditions to keep the gloom away. These include buying new wool and casting on new socks, drinking hot chocolate and gorging myself on Thornton's Special Toffee. I love this stuff like cats love catnip so I am very strict and only allow myself 1 month a year when I can eat it, so between now and November you are unlikely to find me without a bag of this somewhere amongst my person.

Q2) Photo What sums up the back to school season for you?

Wearing boots and tights obsessively though sadly these boots are getting to the point of no more repair. Like I said, this year seems to be all about endings!

Q3) Linky/ Photo/ Text - What's inspiring you this week?

The stash of books I bought last week are currently filling my head with possibilities and ideas. 

Q4) WIP?

I have finally finished and quilted My Mother, Myself quilt it just needs straightening up and binding. It is the first thing that has been properly quilted on my frame and I learnt a lot from it. I have a full post on it planned so no sneaky peeks just yet!

Remember to check out nbnq's quitch post. As we both share such an autumnal love I am looking forward to what she has written!

Sorry this is being posted a day late, I have been changing ISP's and it has as always been a nightmare! still transitioning so I am sending this from the wifi at work!


b.straggler said...

nice hot choc shot!

Unknown said...

Oh, I haven't done any of this, and I feel bad. In fact I haven't done anything crafty at all in the longest time... not since you stayed?? Maybe when I've moved! Anyway, sorry...


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