Circle of (college) Life

Do you have this song in your head now? Yeah, me too. Bloody Elton John.

Anyway, earworms aside I have spent most of this week at college falling in love with my new studio space. It has taken me a while but I am finally getting there. On Tuesday I was sat in said space drawing when the album on my MP3 player came to an end. It just so happened at that exact moment I heard someone saying my name in a group tutorial going on on the other side of the partition. I have a fairly unusual name, I am certainly the only Penny on my course at the moment so my ego got the better of me and I found myself listening in. It was a 3DSP tutorial a module I had done (surprisingly) well in last year and it was really nice to slip vicariously back into the same conversations and issues we went through. I heard the joy in someone's voice that they had finally found their thing. It was the sound of relief and inspiration mixed together in a heady mix. I heard the frustration that others had that they had to keep coming out of the workshop to do other things (for which read: less fun thingslike go to tutorials and write essays. I heard a tutor give the same advice he gave me last year and listened to the same mental penny dropping as it all made sense.

It was comforting and reassuring. Last year I saw 3rd years being frustrated and overwhelmed and inspired and ecstatic and surprised and heard them use the phrase "I wish I was back in 2nd year" and not believe them. And now I am there. I am them. I have in fact used the "I wish.." sentence at least 3 times a week so far this term.

And that is it. It is circle. There is nothing insurmountable about 3rd year, even though it feels a bit like that at the moment. Last year's graduates got through it and made beautiful and inspiring things and so can we.

Don't worry this optimism wont last for long. I'll be back to cursing the world and bemoaning how hard it all is next week but for right now I am enjoying the comfort.

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