The trouble with 3rd year blogging

Six weeks. I am six weeks into my final year at college and there have been exactly 2 posts where I even mention college. Now as a blog which is meant to be looking at the ups and downs of being a student you will be forgiven for thinking that I have a) been crushed under a pile of books for my dissertation and I can't get free or send for help like 127 hours but with more cups of tea and art theory b) I have decided to run back to admin after the enormity of 3rd year has finally sunk in or c) I am just too busy living a semi metropolitan lifestyle dashing from exciting social engagement to interesting yet stimulating work. Sadly it is d)a less extreme mix of a,b and c with a bit of other thrown in, and it is the other that is the focus of today's post. 

Last year I had quite a few long and interesting conversations with Greg of DunnRoaming about blogging and the problems of over sharing. Now he didn't mean over sharing in the sense of being too confessional, no he was more concerned about 3rd students giving away all their creative secrets. Yes, industrial espionage, or at least protecting your creative intellectual property. Case in point would be Ben from Ben's Bowls a 2012 graduate who was doing innovative and interesting things in combining wood and resin in turned bowls. I was lucky enough to be included in a group exhibition with Ben and other graduates last year so I learnt all about how he made these beautiful pieces. I could tell you about the tools used and the way he turned them but that is his intellectual property. That process is something he designed to create these beautiful objects and if he had been posting details of his work and process all over a blog along the way other people would probably have given it a go and his product would have been diluted. 

I know that this sort of discussion can get the hackles of readers rising. I love learning skills from blogs and learning about people's creative process and I am not saying that I should hide away in a workshop for a year to protect my precious ideas (if nothing else it feels a bit arrogant to think my ideas need such protection) but it is something that I have been thinking about which has held me back from writing about my current college work. I loved sharing with you my Final Piece nightmare of last year but I was very aware that the big reveal was an important part of the things I was making. I wanted to share parts of the the process and the ideas I was looking at but I wanted the impact of a grand d├ębut. 

My degree is leading up to showing at New Designers in London and if I spend the next year blogging about all the pieces I am making and the processes I am using then will I rock up and find someone has taken those ideas and used them for themselves? I know this seems like a highly unlikely thing but having read this article a few years ago it is a possibility which continues to worry me. So where does this leave me?  I enjoy writing this blog and the positive reaction I get to it. The majority of my time for the next year is going to be taken up with designing and making, or writing my dissertation and I want to write about the things I am finding so inspiring and exciting but I am going to have to keep some of them on the vague side. Essentially this is my letter of explanation if you find yourself wishing that I wasn't taking quite so many super close up pictures of my pieces, or if I could just explain what I mean by exciting 'new printing process today!' please forgive my vagueness and I promise you will be rewarded with a big reveal.

If you are interested about details email me and I'm sure I'd love to talk to you about them.

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