Dissertation. That is all.

At the moment I am in dissertation writing mode. I have a target of words to write each day. Well actually I have 2 targets of words to write each day - one is a target for words written, the other much more important category is for GOOD words written, words which are going to stay in the final version. With only 23 days left till I submit the second category is getting more and more important.

When I was grappling with my early drafts I was pointed in the direction of this blog. I really enjoy people who document little aspects of their lives and how this paints a portrait of them, so I instantly fell for Alex's count of tea and words. I have never been any good at sticking to things like this. BorderlineStraggler keeps a record of all the money he spends in a notebook. This stack of Moleskins is a wonderful glimpse into our lives together and I have often been known to thumb through them to find out what we were doing some day years ago described by the things we bought. As a way to inspire my writing I decided to start a little record of the number of words I write.

Today looks like this:


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