Little Brown Bag

One of my goals for this year is to be more confident in using my DSLR in public. I have been fussing about for several years trying to find the perfect camera bag which would let me carry my camera and a few other things around without being too bulky and too camera bag-esq. I had been charmed by several Jo Totes but the price tags are far too hefty for me. Just before Christmas I went to a festive market at the Shire Hall in Hereford and found this beauty on a vintage stall. It was £15 and thankfully my friend Kayley was there to loan me the extra £5 I needed to make this baby mine. It is a proper vintage camera bag, take a look inside:

It fits everything I need - including the things I forgot to put in while snapping these pics! My camera is a bit bigger than BS's (featured above) so everything is a little more snug and less roll-around-able. And isn't the red corduroy lining just perfect?

The only problem for me was the strap, it is very thin and kinda diggy-in. I am not a lady who embraces a handbag very much, I'm more of a backpack gal so my shoulders aren't used to little digging in straps. Yesterday I finally took half an hour off my current project and got round to stitching up a new strap.

I used two layers of thick twill tape with a wide strap of webbing sandwiched in the middle for extra strength. The twill tape is pretty soft so gives me just the right amount of comfort. Now my little brown bag is even more perfect. Ready just in time for my cheeky trip to Oxford this weekend.

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