Quick Fix

I had a craving for a tuna melt today. On the way to procure such a sandwich I treated myself to some craft porn. I try not to buy craft books unless there are several projects in them that I want to make and need the book to show me how. There are too many beautiful books out there and not enough room in my studio for me to just buy up the good looking one. These babies have got to earn their shelf space. Today I just wanted a pretty craft book to lose myself in while I ate my sandwich, practicality be damned. I settled upon Granny Chic. 

While most of the projects are not my taste I fell in love with the styling and photography. There are pages and pages of inspiring ramshackle eclectic spaces that were perfect to disappear into. 

One project did catch my eye, the "make do wash cloths". There are a lot of flannels being used in the Rats house at the moment so I could justify spending an hour this afternoon running some of these bad boys up. I have a stash of towelling in my fabric cupboard for my go-to baby gifts and I have recently learnt to love my Clover Bias Binding tool (after a long time of not seeing eye to eye). Inspired I rooted through my quilt cottons, found some contrasting fabrics and got snipping, pressing and stitching. 

Aren't they lovely. So much better than their plain white predecessors. It is so satisfying to have a quick craft fix like this I'm already lining up my next few projects from this book!

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