The Joy of Geek

2012 gave me a lot of things. It gave me my first ever 89% in a module, it gave me too many reasons to have to own funeral clothes, it gave me a promotion at work and many other highs and lows, but one of my favourite things it gave me was a chance to embrace my geekiness. Not just embrace it but revel in it. One of my favourite nights of 2012 was sat in my local pub having a serious discussion about the merits of rival zombie mythologies. This wasn't just me on my own, no a table full of people happy to debate the finer points of conflicting sci-fi mythology.

I have been a massive Joss Whedon for many many years. I started watching Buffy during my teen yeas when a person's capacity for obsession is at it's peek and whilst I have found other fans of the Whedonverse I have never matched my youthful geek-dom. That was until I started going to the pub with Caramel Latte Kiss, Jen and the man we call Daddy Dave (he's less creepy than the nickname sounds). To start with there was the dance of shared jokes, little references to browncoats and before you knew it we were drunk, singing the theme to Firefly and the die was most certainly cast.

I finally had people for whom I could make geek craft. And I have embraced this quite hard. There is nothing like taking a break from lofty thoughtful contemporary applied arts by knitting a Jayne Cobb hat (though I didn't remember to take any pictures of the finished one, here is a screenshot from the show)

or stitching up little quotes with dinosaurs

And even throwing the best Dr Who themed hen do ever where the bride got custom made Dr Who shoes

It has been so nice to revel in this side of my personality even for a few short months though now Caramel Latte Kiss has left Hereford there is much less revelling and trips to the pub have become much less frequent, but maybe that is a good thing I've got this pesky degree to finish.....

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