I ♥ Daiso

On his way home from Singapore I set my big brother a challenge. He had $10 to spend in Daiso. Daiso is a Japanese 100Yen store that BS and I discovered when in Malaysia a few years ago. It's brilliant, full of super cute things covered in bonkers English. Last time we went there I spent a fortune (okay not an actual fortune only about £10) on Bento supplies and for about a month our food came in the strangest shapes....

This time I let my brother have free rein, and I got some amazing things. The new oven timer is already being used. There are some excellent translations:

and I even got Shrinky dink plastic!!! I have wanted to play with this stuff for ages and now I have my very own Daiso shrinkies.

Nothing quite cheers my day up like odd items from far away places.

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