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Things have been very quite around the old blog for a while. This has been due to a number of secret projects which have been taking all my time as well as third year has been kicking my ass. I wrote a while back on the problem with third year blogging and this has certainly been the case. I announced one of my big projects yesterday, but the others are of the gift variety so sadly I am going to have to wait a while until they can be shared.

At the moment I am in full on final major project mode. I am really happy with the way my designs are going and the first quilts are starting to appear.

Several quilts that are at what is affectionately known in this house as the 'stabby stage' Which means they are quilted, the bias binding has been machined sewn onto one side of the quilt but the back side needs hand stitching down. Quilts have been known to live in this state for quite some time in this house. Friends have fallen victim to my too late warnings of "that's not quite finished yet" just after they have found the pins holding the binding in place. Thankfully I have found a whole new stack of addictive tv shows on Netflix so these stabby quilts will only be dangerous for a few more hours!

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