Happy List v.2

Noticing what makes me happy appears to be addictive! Last week I wrote this post inspired by Caramel Latte Kiss. I have to admit it was a little rushed as I had to respond to the bat signal (aka mournful text from a friend in need of wine) and my mind has been full of little things that make me smile. Rather than re-edit the old post to be a definitive list I'm going to be making a series of little lists as I go along. Here are today's list of three things that make me smile:
  • My laundry folder. We are Big Bang Theory lovers in this house and Sheldon's laundry folder in a prop that has been used quite alot. I bought one for BS as a Happy Thursday gift a few months ago. It's awesome. Folding a big basket of laundry has become very satisfying, so much so that I had a whole post dedicated to it planned out, photo's taken, text written, until I realised that it just sounded crazy. 

  • People refusing to believe I am 31. Yes, vain I know but it still brings a smile to my face that people are genuinely shocked when they find out my age. The less charitable reader could suggest that this is because I am incredibly immature but to you I stick my tongue out and chose to believe it is my joie de vivre and unremitting sarcasm that convinces people of my youth.

  • Leaving the lid off the hot chocolate just to annoy Dave. Okay the age thing probably has more to do with stuff like this than anything.... The trouble with someone telling you about the little things that really tick them off is that on days when your feeling naughty doing those things deliberately is far too much fun. Now this doesn't extend to things like kicking puppies or the subjugation of women, and it doesn't extend to all people - I'm not a sociopath. I don't want to make people's life hell, but there are a few people with whom this kind of game can be played (knowing full well they give as good as they get). One of them is my friend Dave. He hates the lid being left of the Hot Chocolate - it makes it go clumpy. I know it's really childish and pointless, but it does make the naughty side of me smile. Sorry Dave.


Caramel Latte Kiss said...

People who say you're immature are so not allowed in your treehouse.

Penny said...

Damn skippy they're not! I could tie them to the tree with a skipping rope though.


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