Things are coming to an end around here, one of the more annoying things being my diary. I have either worked in, or been in, education for the last 9 years meaning that my new year always starts in September and diaries are bought in August. Now I am about to leave education I am finding myself a little short in the diary department. The last date in my current diary is July and I'm already getting booked up for events past then.

I know that one solution should be an electronic diary but as I am not office based at the moment I find a paper diary easier to use. And of course I love any excuse for pretty stationery. Or normally I do, turns out trying to buy a new diary in May is nigh on impossible. Like fabric I don't really buy much stationery online, I like to feel the weight of the paper, and the incidental purchases that come with entering a real life stationery shop. But this time I had to. I got myself a cheap 2013 diary online and set about customising it.

You can just about see in the picture above that the diary is double layered. I have rebound the diary pages in a binding called do-si-do. What you get is a diary on one side and a notebook on the other. I made a whole stack of these kind of diaries a couple of years ago for a pop-up shop and they were a huge success, but because I use an academic diary I never got round to keeping one for myself!

The notebook side is made up of a whole selection of different paper stocks. I really love having a mix of different pages to write on and since I learnt to bookbind two years ago all my notebooks have had a mishmash of different stock.

The diary/notebook is covered with some of my precious Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining fabric with the selvedge edge left deliberately raw. I love how this project means I have been able to eek out every scrap of this fabric. I'm really excited to start filling this diary with post graduation plans, both grand and mundane!

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