Inspired by a hip hop side project

I'm currently running a community arts project. It is my first time running a project like this and it has been a very steep learning curve. I am working with a really enthusiastic team of HCA students but I felt a bit disconnected from the project. We had a month break over the Easter period and I found getting back into the swing of things was challenging.

The blogsphere is a wonderful thing and as I was trying to figure out what my problem was this post from Kim of Finest Imaginary popped up in my reader and hit me over the head. What I needed to do was face up to the fact I might not have been doing the best job of managing this project and do something about it! A flurry of pro-active ness overtook me, setting up catch up meetings with my student participants, review meetings with the Courtyard, visiting the homes we were working with and generally getting on top of things. As is always the way with these things it is the little changes that make all the difference. A mid project review lunch gave everyone the chance to discuss their experiences, make suggestions and get us all feeling like a project team again. We are going to have weekly show-and-tell sessions with the work each group is doing and as an opportunity to share our experiences. The guys I am working with are great, they have been consistently enthusiastic and engaged in the project, and forgiving of my learning curve mistakes, and helped me rediscover my mojo. I'm looking forward to sharing my design for my own Red Suitcase quilt.

Thank you guys.

You can check out the Red Suitcase Project blog here and see how we are getting on. The quilts are really starting to grow so expect lots of pictures in the next few weeks!

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