My First Jumper

I recently posted about knitting in the pub. My aim to knit a jumper post graduation went a bit wrong. Wrong because I've only gone and finished it! This flew together so quickly. I have always been put off the idea of knitting clothes for myself because I thought it would take too long and I would get bored. The opposite was true. By using big needles and chunky wool this jumper took took shape over the course of a about ten days, and I am thrilled. Yes it is a bit short, a bit wonky and my tension is...variable shall we say, but it is an actual jumper. One that I have been wearing to stay cosy while battling my final collection. Trouble with a big fluffy jumper and a white quilt is that the defluffing of the finished pieces has become epic!

I've already cast on my next project and it is already growing nicely courtesy of an unexpected hangover yesterday. I don't think I need to worry too much about being bored when I graduate I've already got orders from BorderlineStraggler for a hand knit jumper of his own...

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