Remember Me

 On Thursday I had my first gig as a community artist. I was one of three artists who were running the live drawing event at The Courtyard as part of their Remember Me event, a day designed to not only to raise awareness about dementia, but to allow those with dementia, their carers, family and friends to come together for a fun day out at The Courtyard. It was a huge success and we were busy all day. 

Our part of the activities was encouraging people to help us complete the huge wall hanging. There was painting, drawing, stamping, collaging and a whole lot more. It was a wonderful event and the resulting piece looked very impressive from the second floor balcony. 

For my part I was making free motion embroidery pictures of the people who were drawing which were then stitched onto the bigger piece. I loved how much the drawings and paintings surrounding my pieces bring them to life!

I was very pleased with how my contributions turned out and I had a steady stream of people watching me as I was stitching up these pictures. There is something about the immediacy and unexpectedness of drawing with a sewing machine that fascinated people - though I failed in getting anyone else to have a go on the machine. 

Working with older people was not something I planned on doing but my work with The Courtyard on this project and on the Red Suitcase Project has had a profound effect on me, my work and my plans for graduate life. It has been unexpected and brilliant. Helping older people reclaim part of their lives they thought they'd lost to dementia has been a privilege. I am looking forward to working in this area more as a I graduate... which is terrifyingly close now!

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