Stitching and the Pub

There is a pub in Hereford that everyone goes to. I don't just mean all the people I know, I mean all the people. All of them. It isn't even a very nice pub. My hatred of it is well known amongst my friends and the idea of me going there never fails to bring a "you - in the barrels?? Seriously?" comment. I have a whole list of issues with the place but the main one is how busy it gets. There is a huge outside area filled with picnic benches complete with umbrella's and those heater things which you can feel burning away the earth's resources with every blazing bright orange second which gets full - full like bars on the strip in some awful brits abroad resort full. I suffer from PTSD and big crowds of drunk people in a confined space are big triggers for me. This makes the barrels at the weekend my own little piece of hell but on occasion I have to go there (usually to support friends in need) and this weekend I have had to go twice.

One of the most effective coping strategies I have is craft. The physical act of knitting engages enough of my brain to keep me calm in these stressful situations. I have got to the point with knitting that I can happily stitch without having to look at what I am doing, leaving me with plenty of mental space to carry on chatting with my friends easily. The main requirement for this sort of knitting is that it should be very simple and repetitive, no heel turning here or complicated cabling. With two barrels trip looming this weekend, I decided to get a head start on one of my 'When I Graduate' goals and give knitting a jumper a go. This jumper to be exact, in a midnight blue yarn. Yes it is far too chunky to enjoy now but will be brilliant come autumn time.

I've never made any full size person clothes before. I get easily bored so the idea of slogging through a huge garment has put me off, but I decided to try the big needles/big wool school of thought and give it a go. I made so much progress.

This was me casting on the jumper at 3pm, I did about 2 hours of knitting with nbnq while catching up and then three hours in the pub and I have almost got the back of a jumper!! I am very excited by the speed of this and am practically looking for excuses to go to the pub just to crack on with this project.

So, if you see me in the pub and I've got my knitting out, don't be offended, I'm not ignoring you. I'm keeping the crazy in check. If you're lucky I'll be making a big blanket with room to snuggle under while I'm stitching, come have a cwtch.

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