When enough is enough

I am happy to report that the first piece in my final collection is at the 'stabby' stage which is the last stage in being completed! I spent several hours today contemplating this quilt trying to figure out when it was finished. My quilts are generally made through a simple drawings and samples before I work on a full size piece. The grid patterns and voids which make up my designs are tinkered with while I am making responding to the rhythm of the piece. As there is no drawing or completed design I'm working to, trying to decide when a piece is finished is a delicate task. Too much stitching and the subtlety of the work is lost, to little and it is just a white grid sewn onto a quilt. This stage usually involves a lot of head tilting, umming and ahhing.

My final collection is based around architecture of my youth and translating the details of these buildings into quilts using very regimented dense stitching and contrasting voided areas. This first piece has seen me expand from using only grids to including some other structural stitch. I'm particularly taken with this section of zig-zag stitch.

After a lot of head titling I took the plunge and at lunchtime I called this quilt finished and starting tidying it up.

I enjoy the finishing stage of my quilts. The joy at squaring off an edge, seeing it transform from pieces of fabric and thread into a proper finished thing. There is an evening's worth of handsewing left to do to finish of the binding but I can't for the life of me find my thimble at the moment so this is on hold till later - the last thing this quilt needs is pinpricks of blood on the edge!

I'm looking forward to sharing more little peeks at my collection and the inspiration behind it in these last few weeks leading up to the big reveal in my degree show.

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