Yarn Basket of Shame

By the side of my sofa is a basket. A basket of shame. It is filled to overflowing with yarn and needles. As I have been cracking on with some mindless knitting projects I have had to sort out the basket a bit to stop myself having to cram the new projects in quite so violently. I was appalled at what I found:

So many half finished projects. Not one, but three sets of socks in progress. 1 is a cable knit sock that was very unlikely to ever get finished on account of its confusing pattern! 3 were my attempt at two-at-a-time-magic-loop socks - another failure. 4 just needs the ends weaving in, 6 is a pair of leg warmers I need to figure out at what point in the lace pattern I am and carry on. 5 are a pair of baby shoes I have tried to make up four time now and failed every time. Maybe over the summer I'll finally figure them out.....

The project that frustrates me the most is 2. These are a pair of socks I decided to make for myself months and months ago, and look they are maybe four rows away from completion yet they are languishing in the basket of shame. My hands are too bad at the moment to be able to knit with tiny dpn's but once I get the use of them back I will be taking great joy in finishing off these bad boys, just in time to get snuggly during this changeable British summer!

I know I am not alone in my basket of half finished WIP's, what is hiding in yours?

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Unknown said...

Most of my house is a series of boxes, tins and jars filled with half-finished ideas.


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