Freelance Friday

On a Friday I work as a freelance community artist. At the moment I am working with The Courtyard's arts and older people team running an arts club. The idea behind the project is to use rural pubs as a community meeting point and deliver arts to older people who are living independently. I realised that I am four weeks into a ten week project already and I hadn't taken a single picture or blogged about the project, so today amid all of the creative chaos I remembered to take a few shots.

There are two groups in the project, one which is run on a Monday at The New Inn in St Owen's Cross, and my group who meet on Friday's at The Tump Inn in Wormelow. Each group has a different focus. At the Tump Inn we are focussing on mixed media techniques so each week I am introducing the group to a different technique or material. This week we had a guest artist join us - Jeanette McCulloch who runs the Monday group. Jeanette was giving the group an introduction to using watercolours and stamps to create a long picture. We then folded these long this images to make concertina books.

It was a really successful session and everyone seemed keen to take home their books and keep working on them. Next week we're moving onto stitched image which should produce some exciting results!


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