A quilt for Mia

My fun-quilts-to-make list had been getting steadily longer while I was finishing my degree, in my third year there was very little time for sewing things non-college related. Once I was graduated top of my list to get finished was a quilt for my niece.As soon as we found out Sister-in-law was pregnant I knew I wanted to reinterpret the quilt my big brother was made when he was a baby. It is a delightfully 80’s vogue pattern made up of washing on a line with the baby’s vital statistics embroidered on it. 

I snuck into my parents loft, stole my brother’s baby quilt and used it to make a pattern for my quilt. The original has beautifully made miniature clothes with hand stitched hems but I wanted this to be a very practical quilt so my pieces are hand embroidered then machine satin stitched to keep them in place.

I did go to town on the back of the quilt. I had planned on buying a single piece of fabric for the back but when I finally had a few hours spare I didn’t want to waste any of it heading into town and getting sucked into a fabric buying binge. Instead I raided my stash and pieced the back together out of bits and bibs I found there. I love the back of the quilts that Ashley from Film in the Fridge makes and I have been experimenting with adding more interest to the back of my pieces for a while.

When it comes to machine quilting I have been in a bit of a loop-de-loop free motion rut for a while now, so it took me a couple of unpickings till I was pleased with this cloud design. I bought myself this book at FOQ this year so my next project is going to be making a sampler quilt to try all the designs out!

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