A quilt for Laura

My decision to make quilts for people having birthdays with a zero has started a bit of an avalanche. The next in the queue was my good friend Laura. Now Laura is an unashamed love of all things hyper girlie. If it’s pink, and has sparkles on it she’ll love it.  And here was the challenge. This is not my aesthetic, I have my mother to thank for my rejection of the idea of ‘pink is for girls’ from an early age. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t like pink and believe in equality it’s just *I* don’t like pink. But this was a quilt for Laura, so I bought all of the pink. There is pink cupcakes, pink dots, pink floral designs, and my personal favourite pink chevrons.

I started off with a Log-cabin in mind but found myself missing the spontaneity of the more improvised quilting I have been doing recently. I took the blocks I already had done and instead they became a part of my more fluid design.

Excuse the super bright pics, unseasonably bright weather exposed the hell out of these!
My favourite side of this quilt is definitely the back, I think the injection of the grey dot is a great contrast to the other colours without being to dark and heavy.

My most favourite bit of all has to be the binding. I have been making my own bias binding for the last few years, but up till now this has always been made from a single colour. Not this time my friend! This time I carried on my improvisational madness and made a multi coloured binding. I love how the different elements of the binding reflect the rest of the quilt, and this has filled my head with new ideas when it comes to bindings! Now all I need to do is break up from work and have several weeks alone with my sewing machine.

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