Handmade Holidays: Napkins

This year I was taking it easy, by 7th December we had bought all of our gifts and wrapped them up. Though there was a decided element of festive smug about this, it also killed alot of my festive joy. There were very few handmade gifts in the mix, and as the wrapping was done so early there were no decorations up in the house or much joy when doing the wrapping. As work began to get quieter my crafty side started itching and ideas for handmade gifts and extras started appearing in my to-do list. Now gifts have been given and I am enjoying the pre-New Year lull as a time to share my handmade holidays in series of posts.

I made these napkin rings for the pop-up shop a couple of years ago but I sold them before they had chance to be used. I found a stash I made last year in a drawer but realised I have no napkins to put them on! I nipped into town and gathered up an arm full and set about filling them with a little festive joy.

Each of the napkin rings has a different phrase on them and so the slightly mismatched trees worked well with this. I raided my scrap jars and found enough bits of green to make a set of 12 napkins. The trees were hand cut and machine appliqu├ęd using bondaweb which left them a little stiff but this will fade the more they are washed and used.

They were a huge success with my family and I am really proud of how well they came out. Though they were a bit last minute I loved having a chance to make something for the table that I know will be used again and again.

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