Handmade Holidays: A Quilt for Bernard

Bernard is my niece's teddy bear. He goes everywhere with her and I wanted him to have a gift for Christmas. I made him his very own quilt to match her's. While the idea of a tiny miniature version of this quilt sounded very cute I knew it wouldn't quite work so instead I used some of the same materials and colours to make a coordinating quilt instead.

It worked out at about 12 inches square and was made up of improvised piecing on front and back, quilted with a doodle stitch. The quilting was actually the hardest bit for me. All of my quilts are usually done on my quilt frame where I move the machine and not the material, so it took a while for my machine quilting skills to kick in on this piece!

My brother and sister-in-law loved the blanket but I think my niece was more excited by the huge pile of toys she'd already got. However later on I did find Bernard all wrapped up so I think it went down well even if it wasn't as exciting as a mound of Duplo.

The chance to make something special and personal for my niece made this one of may favourite gifts to give this year. I hope she'll play with it and maybe one day it'll get pulled out of the bottom of a box and she'll remember the Christmas even Bernard got a gift.

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