Stabby Death Cakes

Recently a lot of my creativity has been leaking out in my baking. Back working in an office means copious amounts of tea and more people to share a batch of cakes with. My first real chance to do some playful baking came at Halloween with the creation of Stabby Death Cakes. Surprisingly I saw the idea in a Tesco magazine and couldn't resist giving it a go.

The Tesco recipe used Red Velvet cake topped with peppermint '"glass", firstly red velvet is a cake I cannot stand - it just tastes like food colouring to me, and secondly I couldn't see how it would pair with the minty glass. Instead I went for a chocolate mint cupcake with a white chocolate ganache icing which went perfectly with the minty glass. Add a sprinkling of red food colouring and my Halloween confections were complete.

They went down very well ending up on the college's instagram almost immediately. I have to admit I took great joy in people's expressions when asking if they would like a 'Stabby Death Cake'. First step taken, creative confectionery has started creeping back into my working life.

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