Water, water everywhere

This year started so well. I had scheduled blogs, I was full of ideas for posts and a new-to-me point and shoot camera meant that I was back on blogging form. Sadly the weather and our dodgy roof had other ideas. You may remember this isn’t the first time that the Rats HQ has sprung a leak. But with 2 years of the luxury of a watertight roof I’d got lax. January 2nd rocked up and I was ready to blog my heart out only to find we’d had another leak, all over my laptop! It is dead. There is no hope to revive it and my insurance doesn’t cover it, but I am hoping to be up and running at the start of next week. Please check back soon for more bloggy fun.
Until then you can always follow me on twitter @catsizerats or on instagram @ratsasbigascats
Au Revoir for now...

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