BEDM: British Sandwich week

taken from The Guardian 

Today sees the start of British Sandwich Week. Sandwiches form a big part of my weekly diet, though I have to admit to giving them very little thought. The lovely BorderlineStraggler makes the lunches in this household. His devil may care attitude to food means that I never quite know what I am going to get when I bite into a sandwich, there are sometimes outstanding successes like the mini sausages which were fried to perfection and served with onion chutney, there have also been epic failures like the blue cheese and hummus bagel affair that is never to be spoken of again.

Despite these culinary excitements we are guilty of having the same few things every single day. When nbnq and I went to the Harry Potter Experience, the lovely JC packed us off with an amazing hummus, chilli and veg bagel that is making my mouth water to just think about! To celebrate British Sandwich week I am going to try and make lunch this week, and make some extravaganzas of taste sensations. Hopefully I'll be able to include the sandwich above which is taken from Thomasina Miers Mexican Food Made Simple (a book I waxed lyrical about earlier in the week) it is a Mexican Club Sandwich.

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