BEDM: Cinco de Mayo

Two years ago we bought Mexican Food Made Simple by Thomasina Miers, having caught the show on the Food Network. It was a revelation. The food was fresh and exciting, and surprisingly easy to make. It quickly became our dinner party food of choice - now we are both firmly in our thirties dinner parties have become a staple party of our social life. People are always excited when you say your making Mexican, and even more so when this doesn't mean fajitas.

One of the best things about this book is the ingredients section. Thomasina gives a very thorough introduction to all the different supplies you'll need, where you can source them in the UK and more importantly what you could substitute for ingredients more easily found. If you have never tried cooking Mexican please give it a go, it brings a little bit of sunshine to the darkest days, and on the rare days that you can eat in a sun dappled garden it tastes divine.

You can find a selection of Thomasina's recipes on the Food Network website. I'd recommend starting with one of my favourite dishes a potato and chorizo quesadilla, it is perfect for lazy hangover days

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