BEDM: Passion Projects

Hmmmmm Passion projects. There are lots of things I am passionate about. I have a fad-y approach to most of my passing passions. I will find something that I'm interested in and decide this is it, this is now definitely the thing that I love, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. A little bit like a schoolgirl pash (a 1930's phrase to describe an infatuation that I just love). Invariably these passions get lost along the way, if they are crafty things they may end up in the never decreasing UFO's box(s), or if they are activities I'll slowly fade away from them, replacing them with new more exciting commitments. But there are a few things that have made the transition from pash to Passion.


I make things all the time, I am happiest when I am in my studio making, be it quilting, or crochet, or printing. My practice is mainly textiles these days, but I am pretty sure they'll be a new fad along soon to turn my head and convince me that I don't know.... whittling wood is definitely the next thing I should do. DEFINITELY.


When I started BEDM it was because I really wanted to be inspired to get back to my blog. Blogging is a passion for me, sometimes I may not have the time or inspiration to write myself but I I read blogs several times a day, my bloglovin account is full to bursting with inspiring writers giving glimpses into their passions. Hopefully by the end of May I'll be back on the writing horse and posting here more frequently.

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