BEDM: Star Wars day!

Oh BEDM there are just too many options today for this topic! I could chose to talk about Hereford Rollers Girls Star Wars themed bout which will see me hanging up my NSO boots for a while

..or I could wax lyrical about my new found obsession with Ready Player One - specifically the audio book read by Wil Wheaton 

....or my love of geek craft and the people I get to make it for

Instead I think I am going to talk about my sci-fi fandom of choice, and there are several to choose from. I've flirted with the Whovian realms (inspired mainly by organising the greatest hen do of all time - evidenced in the form of shoes for the bride see above), there is my love of all things Potter and even my love of a good post apocalyptic YA novel, but when it comes down to it I am a Whedonverse lover through and through.

I started watching Buffy at exactly the right time. It started airing in the UK when I was 15 going on 16,rocking some awesome teen I'm-so-misunderstood angst and in Buffy Joss Whedon had so created such a rich world and mythology you could lose yourself in it completely. And I did just that. It was also around the time that I became aware of the internet and as everyone knows if you want a place to link up other like minded obsessives newsgroups were the way to do it.

I would spend hours debating plot lines and pouring over hypothesis of other fans. There was Buffy FanFic to enjoy, I even clearly remember listening to audio recordings of episodes that had aired in the US long before they got to the UK.....what can I say I was 16, and I have totally grown out of it. Kinda. A love of Buffy or in fact any of the Whedonverse including Firefly, Dollhouse, Angel or even a little Dr Horrible has always stood as excellent shorthand to help me find out how much I have in common with someone. Caramel Latte Kiss will tell you the night we became firm friends was spent sat in our favourite pub singing the lyrics of Firefly to each other. Good Times. When I met BorderlineStraggler one of the reasons I worried he might be a figment of my imagination was that he knew all the words to the Buffy Musical and would happily sing the Xander/Anya duet with a virtual stranger.

There are countless reasons I love Joss Whedon's work, some of them simple like his perfect characterisation, or deft skill of manipulating genres. Some of it is bigger reasons like the normalisation of strong female characters in all of his work and how powerful a message that was to a teenage Penny. However right here, right now it is the friends I have through a shared love of his work that brings a smile to my face and makes me proud to be a sci-fi lover.

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