BEDM: weekend morning routine

I used to love a weekend routine. On a Saturday we would get up, clean the house, run errands and go to the library that was just across from our flat. The afternoon would be spent pottering, maybe making before either seeing friends or settling in for some quality sofa time. Then I chucked it all in to run away to Art School. Since then our weekend routines have been nothing but a distant dream. With BS and I both working odd schedules and a variety of jobs no two weekends are ever the same. It looks like things might start to calm down soon but till then I'll have to make do with my fantasy weekend routine. It all starts with brunch.......

One of my favourite places in the world is my best friend's kitchen. Her parents own this beautiful house in Oxford which oozes French farmhouse charm, and not fake shabby chic charm, they are a French family so this is all family furniture that has been shipped over. Its all warm wood and creaky floorboards, and chairs that may or may not fall apart if you sit on them too roughly. Every so often we have a lazy brunch at her house. A BB Brunch always begins with walking to her house laden down with bags of food, newspapers and sparkling wine. We lounge in the kitchen, everyone drinking coffee and reading papers while BB and I make pancakes, Eggs Benedict, fruit salad and stacks of bacon. The rest of the day passes in a food induced coma, lazing in hammocks and on blankets if the weather allows or snuggled in sofas watching french movies on BB's ridiculously small TV. These BB Brunches are my most favourite of weekend mornings and I can't wait till the next one. If only she'd hurry up and come back to the UK.

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