Bake Off Blues

I love the Great British Bake Off this year. Chetna's orange converse alone are enough to keep me watching (BS is astounded that I haven't broken and bought myself a pair yet). Some years I have found contestants annoying or over edited to create a story, and yes there was some of that this year, let's not mention #bingate, but in general this contestants have all been likeable.

Trouble for me is that for the last three months I have had no oven. No oven, no kitchen cupboards for ingredients and definitely no space for my mixer. Each week has become an hour long showcase of baking I can't do and wont be able to do for a quite a while. Instead of moping I have collated together my 3 current favourite bakes from this season that are on my 'When I Get My Dream Oven I Will...' list.

image from BBC food 
 This vibrant concoction looked like hellish bake but I it would be the perfect birthday cake from one of my princess obsessed friends, and who can resist that much cream.

2. Peanut Butter Éclair's
image from
Peanut butter is one of my weaknesses, I love the gloopy sticky stuff especially teamed with something to cut through the sticky. I have never made éclairs but the thought of these tempts me to tackle the notorious choux pastry

3.Key Lime Alaska

When we lived in Oxford we went through a phase of celebrating all of our birthday's at Brasserie Blanc and the dessert of choice was a huge baked alaska. This kitsch delight has always tempted me and this key lime concoction of Martha's has me intrigued.

Have you been watching? Have you tried any of the recipes yet?

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Caramel Latte Kiss said...

I would like to volunteer as a guinea pig to try out these bakes by eating them :)


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