On the road again


Yesterday morning I got a very puppy dog eye-d email from nbnq, bemoaning my lack of blogging at the moment. To be honest I have been missing blogging more and more recently. I still read lots of blogs but all of the pressures of life and work mean that actually getting round to blogging hasn't happened. Time to change that, inspired by an upcoming real life visit with my very favourite bloggy friend Caramel Latte Kiss I reckon it is time to get back on the horse.
I have spent a lot of my time recently enjoying the view up there. My Dream Job has involved an awful lot of time on trains up and down the country or pilling into my trusty car Jeff (he's a honda jazz and you can't resist a Fresh Prince inspired name) and discovering that I now have a favourite service station*. This has led to lots of unexpected adventures including spending the night in a care home, many random overnight staying with friends and a lot of time using free wifi. None of which is all that inspiring for a crafty blog. 

Over the summer we bought our first house and my beloved studio is still in boxes while we wait for building work to finish, which means knitting has been my only crafty release. And my goodness there has been a lot of knitting. While moving BS kept finding more and more of my yarn stash and gathering it together. Once it was all in one place there was an awful lot of gorgeous single skeins of yarn, not enough of anything to make a decent scarf but perfect to knock up a hat or the garter girls 'Burberry inspired cowl', which is one of my most favourite things to knit - I have three of my own that I'm rarely out of during the winter. If we are people who exchange gifts expect something knitted this year. 

So how have you been? 

How was the wedding/holiday/christening/job interview/house move? 

Did you ever see that chap again and find out if coffee was just a hot drink or a complicated code for i liked you when we worked together that time and now you're here, I'm here, this should be a thing?

*Hopwood services if you're interested, about an hour away from home and just about the time i want  cup of tea or snickers bar.


Caramel Latte Kiss said...

Glad you're back on the blogging wagon! And a bit chuffed to be an inspiration for that!
Nothing wrong with favourite service stations. After two long-distance relationships, I have favourite train stations/station cafes. (Note, Bristol Parkway? Weird!).

Penny said...

I've got a 5 hour train ride tomorrow so there will be posts a plenty coming!

nearlybutnotquite said...

Glad to learn that I have such power and influence! I shall look forward to many more posts from you.
I wonder how else I can use this new found power...?
nbnq xx


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