Thursday Times Happy List

A little trip down blog memory lane at lunchtime had me happening across CaramelLatteKiss-es Happy List post from last year ago. I thought it was high time I did another Happy List of my own. So today's things making me smile are:
The Doctor and Donna are possibly my favourite Dr/companion pairing. Now don't get me wrong my Amy and Rory love is pretty solid but the easy bickering, joyful adventures and fierce loyalty of a close friendship is perfectly portrayed between The Doctor and Donna. I am not a massive fan of Clara Oswlad so rewatching the Tenth Doctor is keeping my Gallifrey habit sated.
The soundtrack to Smash played full volume in the car as I sing along. I was sat in a tapas bar in Valencia when I found out about this show. It was a short lived show about the creation of a new musical about Marilyn Monroe. Only 2 seasons long smash has addicitve storylines and brilliant original show tunes which made watching in any way other than a three week long DVD binge was impossible.
Hotels with baths. Since we moved three months ago I haven't been able to get into the bath. We have a shower but the joy of a bubble laced soak has not happened I far too long. Last night I soaked all my travel trials away and the world was a much better place!

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