We bought a thing

I mentioned before we bought a house this year. It is our biggest ever joint purchase and it makes me think back to the first thing we ever bought together. We had been together about 6 months and there was the gorgeous Tracey Emin retrospective released. It was a big glossy coffee table book and cost about £50. At the time both BS and I were on pretty tight budgets so didn't have that kinda money to just throw about, but we could afford it together. I remember standing in Borders bookshop on Magdalen Street in Oxford and suggesting that we buy this book together. The look on his face was priceless, the idea just wouldn't fit in his head. Like the idea of owning something as important as an art book together was this massive watershed moment in his life, and in a way it was for both of us. It's probably worth pointing out that at this point we had been married for several months but it was the act of buying this book together that made it real for him that we were going to have a future, a future in which this book could be ours.

For me it was buying this house. It was a very precise moment, I was painting our fireplace black and it hit me. This was our house. Bought together. And that was a Thing. Which is awesome, (I mean at the moment its all just boxes but the awesome is coming) and I want to say Hello, lovely people and welcome you to the story of how we make it our very own.

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Caramel Latte Kiss said...

Oh, bless him, that must have been a very important book!


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