Thursday Times Happy List

A little trip down blog memory lane at lunchtime had me happening across CaramelLatteKiss-es Happy List post from last year ago. I thought it was high time I did another Happy List of my own. So today's things making me smile are:
The Doctor and Donna are possibly my favourite Dr/companion pairing. Now don't get me wrong my Amy and Rory love is pretty solid but the easy bickering, joyful adventures and fierce loyalty of a close friendship is perfectly portrayed between The Doctor and Donna. I am not a massive fan of Clara Oswlad so rewatching the Tenth Doctor is keeping my Gallifrey habit sated.
The soundtrack to Smash played full volume in the car as I sing along. I was sat in a tapas bar in Valencia when I found out about this show. It was a short lived show about the creation of a new musical about Marilyn Monroe. Only 2 seasons long smash has addicitve storylines and brilliant original show tunes which made watching in any way other than a three week long DVD binge was impossible.
Hotels with baths. Since we moved three months ago I haven't been able to get into the bath. We have a shower but the joy of a bubble laced soak has not happened I far too long. Last night I soaked all my travel trials away and the world was a much better place!


A Very Red Blanket

Making is one of the ways I keep my stress levels in check. Weekends with multiple family visits often tend to bring out the crazy so I try to have something to keep my hands busy and my mind calm. One of these projects was The Very Red Blanket.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about things, one of these is the lack of blankets at my friend Dave's flat. He has no problem with this, in fact I'd go so far as to say he was actively against me bringing blankets into his home. But I love his sofa, it is ancient and the right amount of squish and plenty of leg room but no blanket. So when I needed a stress relieving project I knew a big old granny square blanket would be just the ticket.

I chose a red tweed flecked yarn, a solid red and silvery grey. I wasn't sure about the colour way but it turned out brilliantly, the different reds work really well together and the gentle grey really makes both of the reds pop. Made with super chunky wool it was an incredibly quick blanket to make, and is wonderfully soft.


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