BEDM: Adventure

My first Adventure was Paris.

My very best EmmaLou first took me there is 2006. I was 24, and about to marry a man I had met only a few months before. It was in the Summer of Love when my life changed completely. We stayed in a real life working Paris fire station, I learnt about pop-out light switches, had my first bikini wax (conducted entirely in French, translated by EmmaLou in a situation so awkward we still laugh about it), I visited my first tabac, saw the Eiffel tower, went to the louvre and didn't see the Mona Lisa, and I bought the comfiest pair of knickers I have ever owned.

The most exciting thing about the trip was how spur of the moment it was. I didn't know EmmaLou all that well, but she was going to Paris and I had never been. In fact the whole summer could be described as spur of the moment. I fell in love in a stripey-jumpered moment. I danced too many nights away, and spent many mornings trying to type quietly so as not to awaken my hangover. I lay on the floor between speakers, learning about music and developing an enormous Patti Smith crush. I spent the most perfect hour sat in the gardens of the Barbican, planning a brand new life. Most of my life had been spent worrying about what other people would think, what would make them happy, without really taking any time to think about what made me happy. That summer taught me that the best things in life come from the adventures that happen when you make that spur of the moment decision, if it feels right, it probably is. And if it doesn't work out, just make another decision, try a different path. Perhaps this adventure didn't work out, but the perfect one is probably just another spur of the moment decision away.

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