BEDM: Guilty pleasures

I was very tempted not to do this post prompt. I disagree with the idea of a guilty pleasure*. The things I love may not be your cup of tea but I tend to fall in love with things pretty hard and trying to persuade me that I shouldn't enjoy them will generally only make me a)spend longer convincing you of their awesomeness or b)a parting of ways until my love affair has fizzled out. Honestly I spend more time on category a which sadly often leads to the other person invoking category b.....

This quote by Eames is one which resonates deeply with me. 5 years ago I was working at a huge university, spending my evenings away wishing I was one of those crafty women who spent their lives creating things and then blogging about them, never really taking my own crafty pursuits seriously. I went to evening courses, I had flirted with so many different techniques and crafts that I was able to whip up a handmade gift when needed, and I had run a stall at a fairly disastrous craft fair.But I hadn't ever taking it seriously.

Until one day I did.

I discovered that crafting was something you could do a degree in and my life changed! I applied to a BA in Contemporary Applied Arts, got in, moved to Hereford, and worked really REALLY hard to get a first. I took the things that gave me pleasure seriously and now I am in the lucky position of working in the Arts, using my degree to help support the lives of isolated older people.

So don't ever dismiss something as a guilty pleasure, if it is important to you and you enjoy it, take it seriously. You deserve it. Who knows where it may lead you.

*This being said I am deep in the throws of love affairs with the following things:

  • RuPaul's Drag Race
  • White glass writing pens
  • Re watching the West Wing (the UK election seems so blah that we need a little drama in our politics!)
  • my Audio Adventures

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