BEDM: Home Sweet Home

BorderlineStraggler and I are renovating our first home. We were committed renters until an inheritance meant we were able to think about buying. This was never in our plan, having lived in Oxford for years where there was no chance we could ever afford to buy a house we'd written off buying as something other people did. The beauty of moving from the dreaming spires to a tiny city on the border of Wales was that, along with lack of deli's, few late night brownie and ice cream opportunities, and no French restaurants, the house prices were actually reasonable. With some fancy work from our brilliant mortgage advisor, just a little under a year ago we bought our first house. After years of having bemoaned our ability to Change Things in the many houses we've lived in, it turned out once you could do anything, it meant you had to do everything!

Our renovation to-do list is still epic, but alongside huge things like having the basement converted into amazing studio space, or getting a new roof, we have found joy in the little improvements, like building the perfect cookbook shelf in the kitchen:

or finally painting that chair I've had for over a decade

Or replacing the disgusting string on our kitchen airer for something a little more stylish

Our home is far from finished, but I am loving having dirty, painty hands, and seeing the details I have been dreaming about for years come to life. You can expect a lot of house-y things on the ol'blog in the coming months years. I hope you enjoy watching our home, sweet home, appear. 

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