BEDM: Introduce Yourself

Picture courtesy of BorderlineStraggler

Sometimes at work I find myself being surprised at a previous bout of efficiency on my part that makes the day run a little more smoothly. At these times I always find myself congratulating Past Penny. At the moment this blog feels like something Past Penny did and not me now which make me really blue. I loved blogging and I miss it.

Enter #BEDM

Blog Every Day in May is a challenge run by Rosalium, and this year I am attempting it...again. Day one is Introduce Yourself, so as it has been so long I am going to introduce Present Penny & her Rats as Big as Cats.

I work as a project manager at an arts centre in Herefordshire running an arts programme mainly aimed at older people. It is an exciting, tiring, challenging job that I love most of the time. Due to the client group I work with I can't really share much of my day to day job here, but for me it has been the perfect combination of my creative side and my project management experience. My favourite days are when I can make a process not only efficient but also beautiful (my forms are a riot of cheerful, colourful joy).

Outside of work I am renovating my first house with BorderlineStraggler, attempting a 50 books challenge, and slowly making my way back to a crafty life after Art School stole all my creativity! This blog follows those adventures as I make my way in the world. You can expect lots of craft, musings on life, the occasional book review, and maybe even a tutorial here and there.


Unknown said...

Yey! Welcome back to #BEDM, I'm excited to see more of your blogging shenanigans. :-)

Penny said...

Thank you for the inspiration. It is sso good to get back in the blogging saddle!


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