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I started reading The Black Apple's blog back in 2008. I had only recently discovered blogs and I was smitten. I loved her aesthetic, her tone of voice, and the things she made were perfect - just the right amount of whimsy for me. I desperately wanted some of her work but I couldn't afford the beautiful dolls, or really stretch to the international shipping on a print. I did eventually buy myself a little piece of The Black Apple world. I have two prints and they have lived on everyone of my desks. Telephone girl still makes me smile, and if I could I would visit a house in the woods immediately. But almost more than the prints I was in love with the packaging. I kept the envelope for years, before finally making it the cover for my 50 words 50 images project at college, where it stood as an example of the kind of crafty business owner I longed to be.

The Black Apple's career has changed a lot over the last few years, becoming a successful children;s book author and illustrator. Her blog has changed a lot too. Posts are few and far between, and I often long for the days of her long posts which I would sit down and enjoy with a cup of tea. Nothing could cheer me up faster from stressful meeting at work than losing myself in her Christmas posts from years gone by. And then I sort of moved on there were other blog girls, I had my heart stolen by business blogs, and lifestyle blogs and the occasional art school blog. But recently I have found myself at a loose end, desperate for the cosy familiarity of her 2008 so I wandered over to that candy striped corner of the internet and was so saddened to find that Emily had removed these older archives from her blog. Nothing earlier than 2008.

But we all know that nothing is ever really gone from the internet and the wonderful Way Back When machine leapt to the rescue and provided me with her full Archives right back to the beginning in April 2006. My stressed out self can once again enjoy this little corner of history.

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