BEDM: Special Talents

This was another prompt I have been dragging my feet over. BorderlineStraggler reckons I have just reached my 1/3 way through slump, but I think I am struggling so much with this one because it is hard not to write something that seems arrogant. I know the things I love doing do impress other people, but to me these are things that have been inspired by others, or I find myself jumping to show people how they can do something just as easily. I love sharing my skills, so I never really see them as all that.... special. For me it is hard to know what things are my special talents when it is all about context. For example, I work in participatory arts where the focus of my people's talents and enthusiasm is about running engaging interesting sessions. My ability to make a decent spreadsheet is seen as unusual, I run the risk cries of "burn the witch!" every time I pop in conditional formatting, turn off gridlines, or run a mail merge. But when I worked at Oxford, my limited knowledge of excel was below standard for the kind of work I had to do. I went on courses, pestered colleagues to show me what they were doing, and embraced the ideals of fake it till you make it - blustering through any bits I was unsure on and then furiously googling the answer in private. 

Nowadays my circumstances mean my most often mentioned work based special talents lie in my kick ass admin skills, my frankly beautiful forms and elegant processes. I am super proud of how I use these to improve my projects at work, but sometimes it'd be nice to have a slightly cooler special talent, like being able to hoop with fire like Katie, play the saxaphone like Dave, speak three languages like EmmaLou, ride a daredevil bike like Caroline, or take beautiful pictures like BorderlineStraggler. For now I shall content myself with being able to make a damn fine process, bake a cracking brownie, and make the cutest leather notebooks.


nearlybutnotquite said...

You really do make the cutest leather notebooks!

You are also a brilliant, kind and patient teacher - which is a gift that is rarer than you think.

You are an amazing hostess who can make an overnight visit feel like a tailored holiday/party.

You have the gift of being able to arrange and decorate your home so that it is homely and fascinating.

You are a brilliant organiser via spreadsheets and notebooks and (I assume) witchcraft.

Your generosity at teaching what you learn is part of what's got me to Art School - so I would say that's an amazing thing about you too. Hopefully I can do the same for you.

I'm going to stop at 5 so as not to embarrass you too much now... but I've got more if you need 'em.

I think you're brilliant Ratty. xx

Penny said...

*blush* thank you x


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