Jurassic World

On Thursday night BorderlineStraggler and I rocked over to our local Odeon to see Jurassic World. I work at an arts centre, and one of the perks of my job is the free tickets we get to most shows and films. This means most of the cinema I see is in our cosy cinema, with all the art centre experience you would expect. Whilst I love being able to bop downstairs and see a film at the end of my working day, there are certain films you must see in a booming-sound-enormous-chairs-expensive-snacks-giant-screen-multiplex extravaganza. Jurassic World is definitely one of these films.

I love the Jurassic Park film series. I saw the first one at the cinema with my dad when I was 11, and the moment I sat down in my throne like chair on Thursday I was transported back to the very first time I heard the opening bars of the famous John Williams theme tune, and saw my first dinosaur running free in the wild. There was no cynicism or critical engagement going to happen, just pure unadulterated childlike joy.

Since watching the film I have had so many conflicting reviews. There is a lot of criticism about the  one dimensional characters and unbelievable plot and the trailer size holes in it, but for me it was a perfect combination of excitement, fast paced plot, exaggerated characters with little or no back story and motivation, and DINOSAURS! I loved it. It took me back to being 11, being full of awe and wonder, and sitting here writing this I still have the biggest grin on my face at the big ending. If you are looking for some escapism to munch your popcorn to I can highly recommend this.

And I just can't stop humming this tune


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