A Bookish Affair

I have been having an affair. You know how it is at the beginning everything is new and exciting, you are learning all the things you have in common, you get to do things you would never imagine doing, it feels even more exciting because you know you are cheating. But sooner or later you have to make the choice, is this really for me? Am I really ready to give up everything I love for something exciting and new, but very uncertain.

Yes dear blog, I have been having an affair. For the last year I have been having a fairly intense affair with YouTube.

You know how it is, you read an article in the Observer about the 'new media' stars, and then all of a sudden your watching their content just to see what it is all about and before you know it the lives of somewhat shiny early 20's vloggers have taken that place in your life that blogs used to fill. But as with all affairs when you start trying to think about a serious future together you realise that beneath the shiny excitement of something new you don't quite fit. I tried my hand at making videos but it never quite clicked for me, it is something I am working on in a work capacity at the moment so personal vlogging has felt too much like a busman's holiday. Rosalilium wrote an interesting blog and made a video on this subject about if YouTube is for 30+ or not and it got me thinking about vlogging and the kinda content I was actually enjoying. Who's video's did I watch as soon as they appeared in my subs box, and who did I leave languishing at the bottom?

I found that the majority of the content I really like was book related. There has been an upsurge in the awareness of BookTube as a 'thing' recently, and I have found myself watching more and more of this content. BookTube is just that, it is videos dedicated to books, to discussing book themes, to book reviews, to general bookish stuff. I started refining my YouTube consumption and now it seems most of the channels I watch are bookish. A lot of my mornings now start like this

catching up with Jen Campbell's latest

I have always been a voracious reader, but in the last few years I have found myself reading the same kind of books again and again. The endless supply of cheap books available on my kindle at 2 in the morning when insomnia strikes means that rather than reading even mode widely I have had to get narrower and narrower in my selections to try and cope with the huge choice. BookTube had once again given me confidence in trying new books. Where a BookTuber (someone who makes YouTube video's about books) has reviewed a book I've read and I have a similar opinion to them I've given some of their other books a go.  This confidence is getting quite costly though. There is something about watching hours and hours of people holding physical books, sat in front of bursting-to-the-seams bookcases that makes me crave piles of books. Having just Marie Kondo-ed our books my shelved were looking pretty anaemic, so I have been buying books. A lot of them. This great video by Choncey Boddington  has assuaged my rediscovered book hoarding tendencies a little.

For me the moral of this story is about finding balance. I love blogging and I miss doing it. I was seduced by YouTube for a while, and despite having found a little corner of it that feels like it fits, my heart still belongs to blogging. I am still going to head to BookTube to get my weekly fix of bookish recommendations, but I think it is time to dust of the keyboard and find my way back to bloggy words.

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