Degree Show - Final Collection portfolio

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Child Called Control: white whole cloth quilt (2012)

‘In the house where I was born lived a child called control and she never let go of my hand…..let it go, let it go.’
‘Just like the old days’ Johnny Kearney and Lucy Farrell (2012)

The visual rhythm in my piece reflects the repetitive nature of its construction. Inspired by municipal architecture from the post war period, which was the cityscape of my childhood, I am intrigued by the relentlessly functional design of these poured concrete leviathans. I look for the design flairs which each building has; hidden in the angle of a curve or the asymmetric placing of windows, proof that a person imagined every detail of these imposing structures. The same rhythm and detail is translated into my quilts. The process of making this quilt allowed me to explore my relationship with structure and control, how this relates to my own experience and ultimately learning to let go.

Control in Grey (2012)

Available as a lap quilt or cushions Control in Grey is a modern take on the tradition of 'stripy quilts' - coloured versions of white whole cloth designs which would be used day-today, allowing white quilts to be saved for best. This ready-to-wear translation of Called Control takes the visual rhythm of the original and translates it into a more practical set of interior items. 


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